Shot blasting machine

The machine consists of main body, separator, elevator, filter, turbines, cyclone and control panel. Turbine target areas in the body are manganese steel and other places are covered with special rubber rubber.
Shot blasting machine
Hanging shot blasting machine provides the cleaning of the materials by making mechanical turbines placed on the main body. The cleaning process is carried out by steel ball shelling in the turbines. During the bombardment, sand and dust from the steel surfaces are poured into the helix. The ball and sand in the spiral are poured from the elevator into the elevator. The steel balls cleaned in the separator are transferred back to the turbines and the coarse parts coming out of the separator are held in cyclone, dusts from the cyclone are kept in dry type jet pulse filter. Fresh air is discharged with a fan. Automatic hanging shot blasting machine also has double suspension system. While the first suspension system is cleaned in the machine, the second hanging system makes the other materials to be cleaned ready for processing.


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