What is sandblasting

Sandblasting process, based on the basic meaning of the building surface with the help of a special spraying process of dirt, bacteria, microbes are the name given to the process.

Accordingly, any dirt on the material by sandblasting, oil, paint, residues of the rust is removed from the surface with such process.

What is sandblasting

This application, which is generally encountered in buildings such as ground surface, wall and ceiling, is applied in order to apply the paint to a clean material before painting process. The damage to the material by these special air-jet machines is very exceptional. As a result, high pressure material is treated with a spraying machine having special abrasive materials.

If we continue to detail what is sandblasting;
If we look at the area of use of this process, the main purpose of cleaning and dirt to be cleaned from the application of this application can be used on many surfaces, from car surfaces to house walls. This process, which can be applied in metal or other materials, is especially preferred for post-construction cleaning.
In a building where rough construction is completed, if the final coat is left to last, this process is used to completely remove the dirt and other dirt on the walls before painting and to make the paint on a completely clean surface.

Concrete, tile, stone, such as surfaces can be applied. If the ball surfaces are intended to be cleaned on the ground surfaces, sandblasting operations are exactly the same.
However, it is necessary to be very careful about the spraying process, especially on glass and wood surfaces. Otherwise undesirable results may be obtained. Besides cleaning, it is possible to make your buildings more new and healthy by blasting.

What is sandblasting ı I should consider the details for use when explaining the main lines with short but effective texts;
Blasting is not a simple and practical process. For this process, which cannot be applied together with the materials, it must be a pressure-operated system. Because of the high level of pressure and the use of special materials, there may be danger to living and non-living beings, including yourself, in a wrong use.
In order to prevent such situations, it is necessary to agree with the competent companies that serve in this business. These companies with special machines, according to your request to perform a detailed sandblasting activity.
What is sandblasting? briefly the usage area and the points that should be considered when using.