Rapid İnjection Molding

Rapid molding is a technique that allows to copy samples from thermoplastic materials on the same day. Parts can be used in R & D tests or marketing activities. The biggest advantage is the cost and time of the parts according to the conventional injection molds, which are up to 1000 pieces.

Rapid İnjection Molding

We are able to respond to low-volume prototyping, pre-mass production and instant requirements with rapid molding methods. Since the materials to be used have a wide variety of materials, we are able to choose the material that is closest to the material to be used in mass production.

Rapid İnjection Molding

Recently, we are able to obtain many parts that have been removed from the market and cannot be supplied by this method. In some applications, especially the classic car enthusiasts with parts produced by this method, such as chrome plating, after finishing operations such as painting, we serve.

Silicone Molding

Silicone molding is a practical method that can be preferred in low volume product reproduction processes and provides mechanical properties close to the parts obtained by injection molding. The number of identical parts with single silicon molds is around 30 pieces. New molds should be made in higher quantities. Most of the materials poured into silicone molds are based on polyurethane (PU). PU resin materials consisting of two components can be imitated with real thermoplastic raw materials.

RIM Molding

RIM technique is applied if higher quantities of silicone molding are not sufficient. RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) method is the injection of polyurethane based A and B component into the mold by means of a low pressure gun. The mixture in the mold gets exothermic reaction and solidifies in approximately 1 minute and is ready for subsequent printing.

Aluminum Mold

In this molding method which is formed by processing the female and male mold cores, depending on the complexity of the model, it is possible to remove up to 5000 pieces of printing. In order to use the mold in high quantities, we are strengthening with ceramic based surface coating. At your request, we are able to adapt it to plastic injection presses for pre-mass production.

Candle Molding Precision Casting

Metal products with light alloy and complex geometries are obtained by wax casting. In the industry, it is known as precision casting, which is the name used mostly by jewelers. It is generally preferred in defense, aerospace, medical and jewelry sectors. We produce the compression wheels of the turbo unit used in the automotive industry with precision casting.